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Delivering Quality Firewood Since 2005
Well Seasoned Firewood Ready to Burn
Mix pine and hardwood for easier starts and have a short fire or longer fire as you desire.

Premium Ponderosa Pine
Burns Longer Than Lodge Pole
1/2 Cord $190
$$Delivery Depending on Area $$
1 Cord $315
$$Depending on Delivery $$

1/4 Cord Pine / 1/4 Cord Hardwood $215
1/2 Cord Pine / 1/2 Cord Hardwood $375

Hardwood Only

1/2 Cord $225
$$ Delivery Depending on Area $$ 

Full Cord $400
$$ Delivery Depending on Area $$

There is a difference in the quality of firewood and the amount you receive.
Don't be Fooled Call and Get Straight Answer
Visa/Mastercard $10 Processing Fee

              " CASH ONLY "

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This is Premium Hardwood and Pine that was cut from the local area. It is cut, split, seasoned and ready to produce a clean and efficient burn.
There is a difference in firewood and the amount you receive call and get straight answers.
Our wood has been properly seasoned for several years and is ready to burn.
Be aware of wood called " CITY MIX " it is offered at at low price. It usually was cut this year and not seasoned properly and will be difficult to start.

True Full Cords
"No Cottonwood"

For more information or to place an order please call
Tom @ 303.549.5056 or use the contact form below.
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